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Barn Hex Signs

In season 8's episode "Clip Show", Sam and Dean are putting Abaddon back together, Frankenstein style. They get a call from Crowley, take the call outside. The building looks like a Pennsylvania Dutch barn with "hex" signs/decorations:

These signs are usually found in central and eastern Pennsylvania, but I believe they buried Abaddon in Kansas... and they film the show in Canada...so I'm curious as where they found this location to shoot the episode. The location looks beautiful!

Some believe these hex signs are merely folk art. Others believe that both the Pennsylvania German barn design and hex designs originate with the Alpine Germans* and are of pre-Christian Germanic origin.

A misconception of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs is that they originated from the Amish. The Hex signs are prevalent in Amish Country, but they are not Amish, you will not see Hex signs on any Amish barns. The Amish and Mennonites are known as plain folk and their religion prohibits such “fancy” ornamentation.**

Of the two signs we see in the episode (the third is hidden by a post), the first one on the left can symbolize Faith, Fertility, Safeguard from Harm, and Protection.

The sign in the middle has an 8-point star which can mean Perseverance. The circle surrounding the whole design is universal in protecting and enhancing the symbol(s) it contains.

I would love to see this place used again - the Winchesters could always use some safeguards!

Here's an example of some other hex signs:

*Source: wikipedia
**Source: handmadephilly.wordpress.com