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The five spot, sometimes called a Quinonce.

Two weird accidents lead Sam and Dean to the Pierpont Inn. For the first part of the episode their working theory is a hoodoo curse after spotting a five-spot on an urn.


The best information I found was a conversation with someone who practices hoodoo and was answering a question from a Supernatural fan. Quite simply he described it as such:

The Qincunx has FIVE points, corners and then the center. Five is an uneven number and therefore has great power. ...The reason why we use the Quincunx is because it sets up what you might call a sacred space, it helps contain, draw and focus energies into a single point.

The practitioner then describes how you could put a Quincunx on vases and put them in four corners of a room or house. You can then set up your fifth vase, set it aside, but bring it back to the center when needed.


Non-perminant Quincunx's are created by placing oil, sachet powders, washes, perfumes, cologne, waters into the corner or center. The powders are sucked away in vaccumns or are slowly wafted away as time goes by and the oils and such are often evaporated. Spellcasting Quincunx's are a bit different, they are usually formed on the altar or on a petition paper. (or perhaps as a necklace like below?)

Hoodoo deals with a lot of crossroads and sometimes access to a crossroad isn't always easy (meaning there might be people watching) so that is the point of the Quincunx, as a portable crossroads where ever you go to help divide the bridges between the world and commune with the spirit realm and work your magic.